Weekend on the trails

Some great riding in and around Inverness – Daviot Forest yesterday and today the Learnie Red Rock trails on the Black Isle.

Also a great afternoon of sunshine for the Balloch Gala, until the heaven’s opened just in time for the outdoor Ceilidh.  Managed a wee bit gardening too which always nourishes the soul.DSC00276

Getting used to the bike – discovered today the maximum PSI is 55 for the tyres.  I must have had up about 80 – no wonder I was having a rough ride.

Ribs still tender so avoiding any tricky stuff for now.

So glad to be lying on a bench in the sun overlooking the Moray Firth this morning – the world, its events and the reactions to them just seem so brutal at the moment.  Good to take a break from the media onslaught when you can.


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