Weekend on the trails

Some great riding in and around Inverness – Daviot Forest yesterday and today the Learnie Red Rock trails on the Black Isle.

Also a great afternoon of sunshine for the Balloch Gala, until the heaven’s opened just in time for the outdoor Ceilidh.  Managed a wee bit gardening too which always nourishes the soul.DSC00276

Getting used to the bike – discovered today the maximum PSI is 55 for the tyres.  I must have had up about 80 – no wonder I was having a rough ride.

Ribs still tender so avoiding any tricky stuff for now.

So glad to be lying on a bench in the sun overlooking the Moray Firth this morning – the world, its events and the reactions to them just seem so brutal at the moment.  Good to take a break from the media onslaught when you can.

Holiday Monday – at home, in pain

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Collected my new mountain bike last Wednesday from Evans bike store.  Not impressed with Evans sending me e mails every week saying it would be another week … and another week …  But the staff in store were pretty good (real cyclists) having to put up with frustrated customers caused by their ‘get them sold at any cost’ company ethos.

trek superfly copy
So Beautiful !

So – the fruit of 5 years or so of searching for that ‘perfect’ machine.  In the end it was a new Trek Superfly 7 Hard Tail.  Big bike.  A 29er in bold dark orange.  Apparently it does fly.

Well:  on its inaugural trip to the 7Stanes Glentress it certainly did fly …. it flew into a big tree root and came to an abrupt halt.  I would have been better going over the bars, but my midriff and ribs went crashing into the bars at a rate of knots.  Ouch.  The irony is that this happened on an innocent little single track path back to Peebles in the sunshine.  Not on the fabled downhill sections in my case the Red Run.

So despite trying to carry on as normal over the holiday weekend the pain in my lower right side has grown and grown.  Hopefully bruised ribs which will subside.  But any more discomfort I will be calling on the good services of the NHS.   So today I am confined to barracks sorting out websites and other ‘things to do’.