Images of the world

Of course there is wider world out there – ripe for exploring by bicycle.  Here are a few sample images of our trips around the world

New Zealand north island, Cape Reinga, start of end to end 2009
NZDay21 014.jpg
New Zealand south island, We(s)t Coast, 2009
AUSDays21-24 025
Australia, Victoria, The Great Ocean Road, 2010
Laos, on the road to Vientiane, 2010
THAIDay3 107a
Thailand, on road to Chiang Mai, 2010
USA, New Jersey, trail riding, 2004
Day7China31Dec2011 071
China, Guangxi Province, in the mountains to Li River, 2011
Day14China7Jan2012 025
China, Hainan Island, 2012
Denmark, 2002